Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know, I'm a day late. That's because yesterday, I was suffering from an art party hangover.

Let me backtrack.

Just after the New Year, three of my good friends and I spent the day shopping on the square. At lunch that day, we decided to have an ATC swap between the four of us. Now this was kind of a "big" step for my friends, as they were just entering into the beautiful world of mixed media art. We chose a theme for our cards... February (our own interpretation) and decided that it would be fun to have an art party and we would swap cards then.

Well, needless to say, the first thing that popped into my head was this book. With this being the first "art party" I've ever hosted for a group over the age of 5 and with choosing a February date, I thought I would baby step it and based our party around the one in Postmark: LA.

It was great!

Unfortunatly, this was the only picture I took all night.

So, after a delicious Italian pot luck dinner, we sat down to create. I had filled everyone's boxes with lots of pretty goodies and gave them each a wooden heart. Each box contained an old bottle, like the project in the book, but it turned out that none of us ended up attaching our bottles to our collages. Here is my finished heart.

The postcard image I used is from Ranjini of Scrapologie.

After time spent laughing and creating, we sat down to swap our ATC's. Here are the three I made.

I absolutely fell in love with Cerri's tutorial over at Joli Paquet and knew immediately that this was the technique I wanted to use on my cards. It fit my interpretation of February perfectly.... romance.

This one is Donna's. Love this image. She added just a touch of color to it and edged it in real gold leaf.

This one is Nina's. Seriously, how darling is this!

The front and back of Cheryl's. Cheryl went ALL out and made the box to house the ATC and included a photo clip...

and filled the pocket with tons of little images!

Like I said, the whole night was great!

Hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful too!


TinyBear said...

Those ATCs are beautiful and so creative. I love them all.

The Pink Bird House said...

Alisa, I have been scrolling up and down your pictures several times now, and I am stumped. I just can not decide which of the creations I love the best. OMG, they are beautiful, one and all! And what a fun time getting together with friends for a dinner and an evening of creating. I think I am turning pea green over here! :-) Great post!! Debby

Tiedupmemories said...

What a great idea! That sounded like so much fun! I love them all! I just started making the ATC's myself! They are really fun to create!

boylerpf said...

They ALL are exquisite and so full of creativity! What a great idea to do that with a group[ of creative friends. It's...well...CREATIVE! Love to see the art work.

Julie said...

Alisa, I LOVE this idea! HOw fun and the cards are simply stunning. What a talented group of ladies.

Ranjini said...

Alisa - you do such incredibly beautiful work! Thanks for alerting me on my blog -- I love seeing your creations!

cindy said...

Looks like it was absolutely wonderful!


cindy said...

PS forgot to tell you, something on my blog for you!


Anonymous said...

Alisa, if these gals are "newbies" to scrapping, I can't wait to see what their art will look like in 10 years. Everything is already gorgeous! What a fun time this sounds like!

Stink Bone Jones said...

How truly wonderful that your friends have ventured into the cottage style world! What a fabulous little party it was b/c I just adore all of the goodies that were made and given. I must do this myself!

Anonymous said...

How sweet and all the ATC's are gorgeous! Your heart came out beautifully! What a special get together! Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Wanda said...

Wow...I'm very impressed. That was all so beautiful. You all looked like you had a lot of fun. Now you'll have to post more art parties for the over five set. You did a great job.

Sandy Michelle said...

What fun! I am doing something like that in the Spring. Postmark really helps with the preparations. I just love everything that you guys created!

Sandy xo