Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Quick Post

...before I head out.

We've had a minor change around here, but oddly enough, it seems more than that. The 16 year old, E, got a hair cut. I know, you're asking why in the world is she writing about this?! Well, because like I said, even though it should be a "no big deal" thing, it seems to be more than that, at least for me it does.

He has gone from "shaggy"...

... to "faux hawk".

We went clothes shopping for him this past weekend and the clothes he chose are even a bit different than what he usually wears.

Now, I'll be quite honest and admit that I'm not up to speed on today's style terminology, but to me it seems he is leaving the "main stream" look and heading toward a "skater" or maybe even "rocker" look. Not that I have a problem with this at all. I'd be a complete hypocrite if I did. After all, I didn't hang out with the "main stream" kids when I was in High School. In fact, some of my friends were skaters. And E did go through a very quick, actual "Mohawk" phase several years ago, but it only lasted a couple of weeks before he decided it needed to go and had it buzzed off.

So as a mom, I'm really wondering where this is leading to... if it's even leading to anywhere at all. Maybe he's just trying on different hats. You know, trying to find the one that fits him best. And maybe I'm just a little bit over sensitive, but it's feels somewhat bitter-sweet to me. He's growing up SO fast and though I enjoy watching the transformation, he will always be my little baby boy.


Well, I hope everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. When I get back I will finally share my Silver Bella goodies with you!


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

AWWWWW! He looks so handsome!! Great Cut!! Hmmmmm! It's just one of those Hmmmmm "Mom" moments. Enjoy every minute!! Blessings!Sharon

sherry smyth said...

Good looking young man...and now we can see his face!! :) I'm with you -- my youngest has gone back to the buzz cut and it makes him look so much more mature. As for the clothing..skater clothes are the hip thing now mom. My son and his friends "live" in AE, Hollister, Abercrombie and they are just as style conscious, clothes conscious as the girls!! :)

A Crafty Chateau said...

Oh my goodness he looks very different! Boys are fun!
Stop by at my blog I have an award for you !!

Becky said...

AH i remember the days. But I had girls, they say boys are easier.I like the buzz myself most of the guys look good that way.Sherry is so right the skater clothing is in big time. My youngest whos 23 her boyfriend thats all he wears.LOL I said katie cant he get some different clothes,her reply MOM thats the in stuff skater. OOps sorry hahah.

Charlene said...

I like the new hair cut. AND THEY GROW UP IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE!!!! Oh just wait for the girls.... You talk about pulling your hair out. Girlfriend hang on for the ride! :) But, those baby boys will always be just that. When my 6'8" 370 pound baby boy says Mama I just melt in a puddle. Enjoy him Mom!

Lori said...

he looks really cute in the faux hawk...now you can see his face:)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Alisa!!!

Elly said...

Wow, what a boy! This haircut looks great! Well, haven't we all done things in the past we now hardly can imagine? And there's nothing wrong with a skater or a rocker (when I was a little bit younger I was a sort of rocker too, woehaa!!! Now I'm a decent wife and mommy!)
My eldest (11) has long hair too, I wonder when he will turn into another person!

Maija said...

I can't believe he was covering up that handsome face! His look is actually very hip- my son dresses very similar!

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

yep, I say trying on hats. Kody does that every couple of months. He grows his hair out using in the spring & summer (surfer boy), cut it & bleached it blonde in Sept for football, and just now shaved his head. The hubby & I think he does it for shock value... so all the girls at school will comment. LOL Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo, Joanna

Jenn said...

He looks fab! Love it. Happy happy thanksgiving....

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Honey, it's just called adolescence. They're "trying out roles" for who they want to be.

tobey said...

he does look older! but i think that's a good thing... i know, easy for me to say. but i went through so many hairstyles when i was a teenager, including mohawk and shaved head, and it was part of the fun of being young and different and a little rebellious. i won't ever have a mohawk again, after all...

Whitney Johnson said...

What a handsome boy! They do grow up fast...I'm in the same stage with my girls. Hope your weekend is fantastic!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Alissa - I feel the same way - my grandson had that beautiful hair like your son and then on his own accord cut it for his dad's wedding! Speaking of which...you're the bride whose bridesmaids wore those beautiful blue skirts??? How do I lose your blog - I always enjoy a visit here. Your son looks adorable by the way - but watch out... before you know it he'll be 36 and getting married! :)Nancy

Bettsi said...

Oh gosh, Alisa, I surely do understand. My handsome 15 year old, also an "E", is changing so fast! Weren't they just babies yesterday?

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