Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kings and Crows

My Farmboy took the day off yesterday and surprised me with a special trip down to the Dallas Museum of Art. The reason for the little excursion? King Tut!

A little known fact about Alisa... fascinated with anything ancient Egyptian. I have been for a loooong time. I don't know why, just am. I have all kinds of books on the subject. I even completely get into Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody series. This is fun, light reading, but I always get so into the story that I don't sleep at night... just read until the book is over. Love that Amelia!

(postcard purchased at the exhibit)

So back to the King. I thought the exhibit was, over all, really great. I was a little disappointed that Tut's death mask was not part of the exhibit, but we did get to see his possible grandmother's, as well as, her sarcophagus. That was pretty cool! And we got to see some of the jewelry items that were wrapped in his linens with him... jeweled collar and his gold crown. Plus quite a few of the items from his tomb. There were also artifacts from other tombs of the Golden Age. Oh, for me one of the coolest things, were the head statues of Nefertiti. Amazing!

This is another postcard image. We actually got to see this piece. It's a jar depicting Tut as a lion trampling his Nubian foes.

Now on to crows. I finished another Bellaween project. Seriously, I'm loving these so much, I think there is a chance I may continue Halloween crafting even after Halloween has passed!

My Farmboy has named this crow Russell. Ha! We are such a comedic family. He also pointed out how very Egyptian it looks. Which I thought was amusing considering the above.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful week so far and thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I will have to show my younger daughter this she loves Egyptian things.She has a few keepsakes.

Sandy Michelle said...

That's so nice of Farm boy to do that for you and Russell Crow is the perfect name...LOL!


Allie said...

You're the first person I know who has been to the King Tut exhibit so far. My whole family wants to go see it. How sweet of Farm Boy to take the day off and whisk you away to the DMA! He's a KEEPER!! And he's right.....the crow does look a little Egyptian!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Halloween decorating seems to be your thing! You've quite a knack for it.

Elly said...

Woehaa!!! What a funny man that Farmboy of yours!!! Like your Halloween decoration a lot!

Anonymous said...

Youve been tagged, check out my blog.

Whitney Johnson said...

How fun! I personally love museums. What a great get-away...

emily said...

I also love Egyptian history, I would love to have gone to the exhibit! Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

How perfect! Halloween and Tut! The Curse of The Mummy! I wonder if that movie is playing anywhere??!!

Alisa...also....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pink music sheets!!!!

The last big museum exhibit we went to was in Seattle when the Van Gogh paintings were touring. I cried, literally cried to see his work in person. I've seen it before in other museums but it always affects me that way.


Polka Dot Moon said...

I was able to see King Tut's collection when I lived in Chicago as a child. It was amazing!