Thursday, July 10, 2008

Waiting for the Rain

I have two lists of blogs I read and I try to read all of them everyday. Most of these blogs I have learned about through other blogs.

The Brocante Home Chronicles is one I found from a blog post by Lori a few months ago. When she posted about it being the first blog she had read and that it was the start of Faerie Window being created, well I had to go check it out. I don't know that I ever go a day with out reading it now. If you don't know of it, the author is a single mom living in England. She sells wonderful antique treasures on ebay and writes in the most entertaining way about domesticity. (And Heaven knows I strive to be that Domestic Goddess!)

I was reading one of her posts earlier this week and because I enjoyed it so much, I really felt the need to share it. This post was entitled "Puttery Treats For A Rainy Summer Weekend". Here is a taste of some of those puttery treats...

*If you are feeling rather blah burn pine or rosemary oil to lift your mood.

*Do something meditative like shelling peas (serve with feta on warm bread for supper later..) or polishing silver. A repetitive action that allows your mind to wander into that really rather glorious state you occasionally horrify yourself with while driving...

*Re-connect with your partner. Designate a gorgeous notebook to a "written conversation". Leave it in your bathroom or a bedside drawer and use it to write down the things it is sometimes hard to say. Sorry. I love you because... please put the bins out... It will in the long term become a gorgeous record of love, forgiveness, hopes and dreams.

These are just a few of her "rainy weekend" ideas, but quite frankly, I loved all of them! Now I'm just patiently waiting for the rain.

Have a beautiful day no matter the weather.

ps. the photo at the top has absolutely nothing to do with this post. It's what I'm working on at the moment and I thought it was pretty. :)


Sadie Lou said...

I think the photo is pretty too!
Thanks for the LolliShops love in your sidebar!
So exciting!!
~Sadie Lou

Lori said...

so glad you liked that blog:) and thanks for posting 'cause i forgot to add her to my sidebar...she really is so charming isn't she? i just love her perspective on things and how she "talks"...i ADORE the idea of a written conversation, i am SO doing that!!! can't wait to see your goodie, the peek looks very intriguing and so so pretty!!! love that glitter:)

Jenn said...

Alisa! I don't know what that is your working on but it is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! I want to see more!!

Lola Enchanted said...

What a pretty picture! Is that a cone of some sorts? I love that blog too! I also love yours!!!!~

Enjoy your day!

Brenda Kula said...

Is that a tussie-mussie I "spy" at the top of the page that you refer to at the bottom of your post? I love them! I keep telling myself I'm going to learn to make them. I certainly have hundreds of pages of scrapbook paper doing nothing! I bookmarked the site you mentioned and I shall go read her!
Thanks for the tip! I love what she had to say!

Sherry said...

What you are working on is soo pretty...can't wait to see what it is!!

I love finding inspiring blogs...and these are some wonderful ideas for a rainy day!!

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

love your artwork. Have you read her most recenty post? Kinda made me sad... it's a conversation between her & her little boy regarding why the dad left. That kinds reminds me of the post Brenda just wrote about us bloggers writing about our real lives.. and not just the wonderful stuff all the time. xoxo, Joanna

Diane said...

Alisa, thank you for sharing those sweet words from the English lady's blog. I'm going back to your blog and find the link. I like the pink cone with the oval on it. Very pretty!
Diane Knott

Sandy said...

I enjoy your blog very much. I also checked out your Etsy site; you have some really cute items. I like the tulip sachet.

Sherry said...

Alisa, I've left something for you on my blog today ♥

Diane said...

Alisa, the package arrived! I've posted all about it on my blog! Please visit! I'll email you too. Everything is a lovely treasure! The colors....! My favorites! I love romantic, cottage things! If this is an example of how beautiful the Inspiration Kits you sell one will ever be disappointed.
Hugs!! Diane

Sarah said...

I enjoy her blog too. For some reason I don't get to it very often, though. Love what ever your working on. Going to Austin tomorrow for a quick overnight trip. My husbands step brother is graduating from seminary school and his "graduation" is tomorrow night. Then MY MAIN GOAL (HA) is to get to antique store on South Congress!! HA
Vintage Lily