Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bellas, Books and Bottles

I'm going to Silver Bella!!!! I'm just a little bit excited... you probably can't tell. Now for the BIG question, "what goodies do I pack?" I guess I have a few months to think about it.

I have some books to share. Well some are magazines, but I consider them books.

I'm wanting to start incorporating more hand stitching into my work, so not only am I'm really excited to be able to take a class from Rebecca Sower, but I picked up the new Sew Somerset as well. There is some fun stuff in here... can't wait to try. One of the goals I set for myself this year was to learn how to embroider... still working on that one. When it's decent enough, I'll share.

I have already devoured the new Somerset Life from cover to cover, but I keep going back to this article. Seriously, I think my new favorite color combo is aqua, taupe and peach. I know, peach... sounds crazy to me, but look.

That is to die for gorgeous!!! I am so making a book like this. Of course, it won't have some of the most gorgeous french vintage textiles and trims as this one has, because some farmboy I know has yet to take me to Paris to flea market, but I'm not complaining... all in do time. I am going to Silver Bella after all! Anyway, this is so right up my alley. Textiles make me happy.

I also picked up this book.

Karin suggested I go ahead and get it. I'm so glad I did. I really want to work on achieving more depth in my backgrounds and between this book and the class Carolyn Peeler is offering, I should learn a lot.

I finished this art journal layout over the weekend.

I used several of the techniques on this page that Teresa had provided for previous pages. I'm happy with how it turned out, I think it's fun.

Saturday evening was our towns annual Fourth of July celebration. Every year my sister and her family come over and eat and then we walk over to the park for the fireworks. Anyway, to make a long story short, while over, my BIL picked up an old vintage bottle off of one of my tables. Smiling, he nudged my sister and showed her. I thought that was an odd reaction until she told him, "go get them for her!" That made my ears perk up! From his car, he brought in these little beauties.

See, he's a foreman for a construction company and they are renovating an old school at the moment. I don't remember if he said the school was built on an old landfill site or what, but they have been digging all kinds of cool stuff up. Can't wait to clean these up and then dress them up.

Don't forget to put your name in for the giveaway in the post below!

Have a beautiful day!


Brenda Kula said...

Just want to say I learned to embroider years ago. Love its beauty and simplicity! I have embellished crazy quilts, wall hangings, pillows, etc., with the embroidery stitches. In fact I posted about the pillows a week or so ago and showed the spiderweb you make from metallic thread and the bead spider.

Allie said...

Alisa ~ I love your journal pages that you made this past weekend. It got the creative juices going for something I'm doing in my daughter's High School scrapbook. Where did you buy the Somerset Life and the Sew Somerset magazines? I think I'm going to Border's tonight to see if I can find them.....looks like something I would like A LOT! Happy Tuesday!

Wanda said...

AHHHHHH!!!! Right back at you. I can't wait either....us newbies are so going to embarass ourselves. Which classes did you sign up for?? I can't wait to meet you. I love textiles as well. I also want to learn how to embroider. I bought a couple of Japenese books for inspiration...one has Hansel and Gretel in it. yes, I have a thing for fairy tales and nursery ryhmes. :)

Scrappy Jessi said...

yeah, im so glad you are coming to SB! we are going to have such a blast.
you will love it.

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

what a great BIL... I love the little bottles. (dirt and all!) xoxo, Joanna

Anonymous said...

Alisa, your brother-in-law might unearth some real treasures someday! I hope he keeps his eyes open for you as he digs up the past!
These bottles are fun!
Thanks for stopping by my blog too!
Good luck with your embroidery. There are some basic, simple stitches from which all the others are formed. You'll be an expert before you know it!

tiffany~shabbyscraps said...

I am so glad you are coming to Silver Bella! I am already putting things in a special place to take as well!
xo, Tiffany

Beth said...

oh i have to get sommerset life - it looks so yummy !!!! congrats on silver bella , i so wish i was going! you will have an awesome time for sure !!!

Sherry/Cherie said...

Wow...what a fabulous post. First of all..congratulations on going to Silver Bella!! I so wanted to do that this year but spending all the $$ I did on going to California in May I just couldn't justify the expense. Perhaps next year!!

You've shared so much loveliness today -- peach/taupe and aqua is a gorgeous combination -- it's wonderful isn't it when we "see" something that just speaks to our soul in a private little language!!

As for your journal...brava Alisa..it's gorgeous!

Jenn said...

Ok, let me just say that we Canadian girls are dying with jealousy up here. I want to go to Silver Bella so bad.....please take lots of pictures and pass on what you learn.... I can live vicariously through you..... can't I?

Karin@creativechaos said...

Yay! You got it....isn't it the best! great journal page!!!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Thanks for sharing your art journal page. It's beautiful! I wish I had signed up for that class from Teresa. If I had more time right now I would have in a heartbeat.