Sunday, May 25, 2008

China, Silver and Crystal, Oh My!

Today's Show and Tell is being hosted by Analise of Sugar*Sugar and is a sure thing for beautifulness! We were asked to share our china, silver and crystal... like I said, you know blog hopping is going to be great today!

So let's start shall we...

I have china and silver, but I don't actually have any crystal.

Here is my china. I just recently acquired it... kind of. You see, when my parents were cleaning out and packing up there house to sell they found some forgotten boxes in the attic. Several boxes had this china in it, some of it still in the original tissue and store boxes.

Some of it had been wrapped and boxed up by my grandmother and had my name on it. Now this can be a bit confusing, but let me try to explain. This set of china was the wedding set that was picked out and purchased when my dad married my biological mother. When my mom (my adopted mother... the beautiful lady I posted about for Mother's Day show and tell) and my father married, the china was put up in the attic and forgotten. I am so glad this was found and given to me. It is very "Alisa". I love it! I also have an abundance of china teacups and saucers, as well as teapots. But those could fill up an entire post!

On to silver. I have all kinds of bits and pieces of both silver and silver plate. Most of them are trays of all different shapes and sizes and have been gathered from all kinds of places. As far as polishing it, nope! I like it tarnished.

There is a matching coffee pot to this teapot that was on top of one of the cabinets in my kitchen, but some kid I know slammed the door to the garage the other day (same wall as the cabinet) and the pot fell off and lost a leg. That's life... now it's going to become a planter for the garden.

Like I said, I don't have any crystal. What I do have is Fostoria.

I have a set of eight place settings as well as serving dishes and accessories. This belonged to my grandmother, who was very, very proud of her Fostoria. So of course, I love it to death and use it quite often! This is half of all that she had. Either my aunt or my cousin has the other half of it all.

Well, thanks for visiting. I'm off now to look at all of the other blogs participating today.

Have a beautiful holiday tomorrow!


leesiebella said...

HI Alisa!

Oh, such pretty garden party photos! Love them!

Thanks so much for sharing today, hope you have a nice holiday weekend as well!


Lori said...

Alisa, your pictures are SO gorgeous...i love how you photographed outside, it makes everything look extra pretty!!! the "found" china is lovely, what a sweet pattern...i agree with you on the tarnished silver, i SO much prefer it that way too!!!
have a great holiday tomorrow:)

Stephanie said...

Hi Alisa! What a gorgeous setting!!! And beautiful pieces you've shared today. Oh, my that Fostoria is making me drool!! My mother has that, too! I just love it!

Angelic Accents

Carla said...

How nice that the china made its way to you. I lost a couple of blue and white pieces because of a child, fortunately nothing very valuable, but I saved the pieces and they eventually became a mosaic. I bet the silver will make a nice planter and good for you about having such an easy going attitude about it.

Sherry/Cherie said...

You have so many beautiful pieces -- and I love that the broken silver is going to be a planter in the garden!!

Your dishes are very Alisa indeed..and how wonderful that they were discovered!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I love your outdoor setting! The dishes are gorgeous and the story about them is sweet.
Our church had a huge Fostoria punch bowl...somebody put the chilled bowl in a hot sink of soapy water...then...POP! :(

My Crafty Little Page said...

Alisa!!! We have some matching mismatched china (your attic china). I'll have to start looking for a third pattern. Love all your pictures - everything looks great outside. Have a wonderful week. Nancy

Mya said...

Oh so beautiful. It all made such a wondeful garden party. Love the teapot.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Wow- stunningly beautiful photos and collection - thanks for sharing!