Sunday, March 4, 2007

So Proud!

I could not be prouder right now.
The virtue/value for February at school was "Love and Kindness." For a month, almost everyday, we discussed this topic...what it meant, how to show it, how people show you. Two weeks before the end of the month, one of our lessons for this subject was about charity. We talked about what it was, places to give to, what those charities do for the community and different ways to donate. Collectively we made a list of places we, as a class, could donate to and then we voted on which charity would receive our donation. The other Pre-K class did the same. The charity with the most votes was Autism Speaks. For the next two weeks the children brought in their own pennies from their own piggy banks and proudly put them into our "Pennies from Heaven" container.
For math on March 1st, we deviated from our planned lesson to count the pennies.


And everyone of them were heart-felt!
Life is truly a Beautiful Place to Be.

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Ali said...

That is totally AWESOME.