Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello, my name is Alisa...

and I am a blog junkie.

Let me backtrack a bit. Do you remember the list at the end of the last post two days ago? Right, well not exactly everything on that list was accomplished. Okay, actually nothing on that list was accomplished...fully anyway.
Let's review that list shall we.

*order some flowering tea
*watch Marie Antoinette (gonna throw this in just because)
*buy a beautiful corsage (the hard part is going to be choosing one!)
*schedule a time this week to do nothing but create for a day
*decide on Easter decorations
*enjoy the day
*oh, and go for that run :(

Item no.1... didn't get around to doing that (yet)
Item no.2... why? why out of everything did this not happen. Really it take no effort!
Item no.3... I looked at them again, but nothing happened (yet)
Item no.4... Okay, this is where that "junkie" thing comes into play. I really tried on this one both Wednesday and Thursday, but I couldn't unplug everything. I needed the computer to print out stuff to make stuff with! And you know how it is, why just sit there twiddling your fingers while stuff is printing. Why not take that opportunity to take a little peek at some of your favorite blogs. And really, a girl can't unplug the washing machine when she's down to her last pair of clean panties! I did manage to accomplish this much within the last two days...

Item no.5... magazines are still sitting nice and neat in their designated place on the shelf in the closet. I have decided I need to go to Michaels to pick up a couple of those cute little moss covered bunnies though. Yes, I know what you're saying. "Well why don't you just make them, Alisa?" Heh! After last year's disaster of trying to gold leaf a bunny! Not a chance. I can't go through that again!
Item no.6... this one was easy. Most days are enjoyable.
Item no.7... Ha! yea right!

Where is my will power, really?!
I suppose it could be hiding in here...

*Sigh* I need to go make cupcakes now. Have a beautiful weekend. (it is Friday, right?)

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Sarah said...

pretty journals!