Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Treat for Me

I read Brocante Home. And I enjoy it a great deal... always entertaining, witty writing. So when Alison posted that she had a years worth of "puttery treats" listed here, I didn't hesitate.

For the last five days, I have received a lovely puttery post, in my inbox, each morning. And the best part, is that a couple of them have worked hand in hand with my art journal.

One such post was in regards to picking an "action word" (balance... my word for the year) and placing it where you will see it often. So I did just that. On the back of the card I journaled about my need for Balance.

Another post suggested creating a reading list for the year. Again, I thought my art journal would be the perfect place to keep this list.

So I went to my bookcase and pulled out a book for each month of the year. Some are new books, some from last year's summer reading list, some are re-reads.

For me, this was a wonderful way to treat myself for the whole year. I really look forward to the mornings... reading my puttery post, hot coffee in hand.

On another note, I forgot to tell you, I had to turn the word verification on in the comments. The spamming was getting out of hand. Sorry, I know it can be a pain sometimes.

Have a beautiful day!


Allie said...

This post has inspired me! This weekend, I'm going to try to do something similar. I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for sharing. Stay warm this week. :D

knitterbeader said...

Once again you're inspirational!! The little box is on it's way.

Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Your journaling book is sóóó gorgeous! Love all the things you've used, especially the stitchery (hey, hey!!!)!
Hugs, Elly


Beautiful! Love the layering, embroidery ~ all the detail. ~ Angela

Tina said...

Those journal pages are so beautiful Alisa.
Amazing work as always.
xo Tina

Margaret said...

I love the beautiful colours and texture in these pages, totally gorgeous! Mx

Lori said...

your journal looks so pretty Alisa...i love to read...i have been reading like crazy lately...

Marianne said...

Oh where to begin. What a beautiful card! What a great word do take into the new year! What a wonderful challenge! Wish I could find the time to do something like that.
Oh, and of course wishing you a wonderful 2010! And thank you for your blog friendship in 2009, lets take that with us into the new year too!

Anonymous said...

As always Alisa such beautiful work. I just love the way you put collages together.

Enjoy your sweet little posts with coffee in hand:-)

gina g said...

You do such amazing work! We need to create something together again!

Charlene said...

I LOVE your Balance journal page. And your reading list impresses me. I read so slowly. My friend over at Once in a Blue Moon (on my sidebar) is a voracious reader. Last year her goal was 100 books. Cna you imagine? She did it & plans on it again this year. She's pretty good about giving reviews. You might like her blog. And no, she is a busy gal. Gardens acres of iris's & other things, has a lot of pets, & is an amazing cook.

LOVING your art. Always a pleasure to look at! Stay warm.

Nelly said...

Your pages are just beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful idea! I don't journal because writing my hand for me is frustrating - my thoughts move faster than my fingers and my penmanship ends up being illegible. Your journal is so beautiful, Alisa, and few words are needed at all!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Your journal pages are just exquisite!