Monday, December 15, 2008

A Little of This and a Bit of That

A few things that have been keeping me busy...

I taught a card class for my Crafter's Business group. We had our holiday get together and part of our merry making was creating cards. I taught one and one of our organizers taught another one. Loads of fun!

Pretty kits ready to go.

And this was the final product. The great image is a French postcard download that I got from Ranjini of Scrapologie. She's posting a vintage Christmas image a day, this month, as a sweet holiday treat. She also has a selection for sale in her Boutique.

I've been slowly decorating. I got E to pull everything out of the attic last Thursday (I won't go up there... it wiggs me out and makes me wish, for a moment, that we lived up North where basements exist). But once everything was down and my house looked like a storage room (a very messy one I might add) I felt overwhelmed and left it like that for a couple of days. Yesterday I started opening boxes and placing things here and there. However, seems I'm not even going to use half of the stuff in all of those boxes.

My Farmboy was bitten by the Christmas bug a couple of weeks ago and agreed that it was time for a color scheme change. And quite frankly, I really like looking at my everyday stuff and didn't want to put it away, so the majority of it is going to stay out and I'm just accessorizing around it. Oh, and when the bug bit the Farmboy, he started picking out pretty brown and champagne balls which was totally crazy, because I had been trying to think of a way to convince him that that was what we needed, but hadn't mentioned it to him yet! Then last night, I went to Target, which I had not been to since before they put out their Christmas stuff and low and behold, those seem to be one of the popular colors this season... and I didn't even know. The planets are aligned evidently.

Teresa is in the middle of her Comfort and Joy ezine. The first project was a crown.

Here is mine. So far this is the only one I've done. I'm really hoping to do some more of the projects before the end of the week.

I finally tried my hand at bleaching bottle brush trees from the craft store.

For some reason I was shocked at how easy it was. I really love them this creamy yellow bleached out color. I got busy when I was doing the bigger ones and forgot about them. Note to self... forgotten trees sitting in bleach become brittle and have a tendency to look like drowned rats once finally remembered and dried. I would really like to find some really large trees to do this with. Like 10 -12 inches high. Anyone know where I can get some? There are a couple of vintage ones just this color at my local antique store, but I can't justify the price they want for them.

Let's see, what else. Oh, I've been making Christmas presents.

These are totally inspired by the article in the latest Somerset Life. And they really weren't as difficult as I expected them to be. That's always a good thing.

And lastly, I had E put up the Christmas tree last night. Would someone PLEASE convince my Farmboy that it really is time for a new tree!

He loves this tree so much because it's a symbol of, well several things actually, because he purchased it after his divorce. But I really think it's time. I "lived" with it like this last year. Yes, I know... you're as shocked as me. He did manage to get some of those dark areas to light up last year, but not all of them. It really is a sad little Charlie Brown tree with some of it's lights not working and branches drooping pathetically. I just don't know that I can pull off another Peanut's gang transformation again this year. He's coming home tomorrow night from being out of town for over a week now and I'm crossing my fingers that he will finally agree to a new one. So do you think I should leave it as is for him to see or maybe hang a few balls on it first. Let me know what ya think.

I'm off to finish decorating and do more creating. Have a beautiful day!


Polka Dot Moon said...

You are one creative gal!!!! Love it all :)

We got our first artificial tree this year......miss the smell, but not the mess!

Nina said...

The cards are beautiful! And the ornaments you're making for gifts turned out great! Now, the tree, looks sad...I thought ours was bad with its few spots of lights out but yours is REALLY not's time to get a new one Farmboy.

Lori said...

Alisa, you have been a busy girl!!! your card is just gorgeous!!! LOL on the Christmas tree...good luck with that!!!

Karin said...

Everything is beautiful.....but I LOVE the cards!! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

The cards are lovely. I went to a craft store near here today.I saw such lovely card ideas and kits for making them.I wasnt there for them I was there for an art book.I could get reasl interested in making cards.Funny about the tree.LOL.

Anonymous said...

the word was real not reasl(LOL)

Anonymous said...

How pretty everything is. Love the cards. It must have been a fun class. Wish I could have been there, Alisa!

Sherry said...

You've been busy creating beauty and helping others to create beauty; your holiday/seasonal banner is breathtaking...and yes, tell that boy -- you NEED a new tree!!! It's so sad!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW. I'm getting beat up here. Go buy a new tree before I have an angry mob to defend against. The tree only marks the end of a horrible marriage and the start of a wonderful marriage with you; but oh well. Charley Brown would have seen the beauty in it...

Your stuff is beautiful. Have the house decorated so when I get home I can sleep for a few days... 8~o

- Farmboy.

Charlene said...

Good luck on the new tree! I think you deserve one! That is kind of Charley Brown. I love the cards. I am going to check out those images. That one is so cute. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

One more thing AJ... You should know by now that I have my finger on the pulse of haute couture. I knew the Winter colors by what I like to call haute couture absorption by proxy. It's a mad skill I obtained during my many years as a professional designer in NY working with Jean Paul Gautier.

Of course I would know what color Christmas balls to choose for the year...
- Your Givenchy trained Farmboy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alisa!

Your card is absolutely stunning!!! I LOVE those blues and aquas!! So gorgeous!!! I also love your crown and pretty ornaments!!!
Oh my gosh, our tree did that same thing this year!!! One section in the middle refused to light up and we just bought a small strand of lights and wove them in there. You can't even tell now! Silly trees! They sure don't make things to last now days, do they? LOL
Have a wonderful Christmas Alisa!


Allie said...

Wow, Alisa! You've been busy!! Next time you do one of those classes, will you email me? I'd like to try to come to one. Love the blues in the card kit.

On another note, your Farmboy is funny! His comments made me smile. He sounds like a wonderful husband. You are blessed. Stay warm!

Wanda said...

You are a crafting whore, don't tell me you can't make that tree look good. :) I love the ornaments and cards....just beautiful. Now get to work on that tree, young lady!

Unknown said...

OMG I love that little aqua card kit! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Unknown said...

OMG I didn't know you could bleach bottle brush trees?!?!? My theme is bronze/copper/gold as well. I like how your crown from the e-zine turned out!


Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Owww... those card-kits look fab! Beautiful colors you've choosen! Thanks for the link. Your Christmas decorations are looking great, I'm wondering how it will end up with the tree! See you (and hopefully your new tree!) next time!

Anonymous said...

You've been a busy little elf. I love all of your creations. And after all that talk about Teresa's crown... you didn't tell me that you made one. :) I can't wait until things slow down... then maybe I can craft my heart away. Merry Christmas.

OH, and HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I would sing but it would probably hurt your ears. Hugs, Joanna